Interfaith Dialogue Important

file0001021704217Dear Interfaith Gathering Participants, Supporters, and All who are Curious,

It’s been awhile! Following my move from Iowa and the start of full-time graduate work near Atlanta, the work of Interfaith Gathering was in limbo. Following moves and life transitions of other founding members, the Iowa City gathering is not meeting actively at this time.

However, as I review this site and remember the important connections and transformations gathering participants experienced,  I am reminded just how important peaceful dialogue around diversity is, now more than ever.

I am not sure what this gathering will look like in the immediate future. I am not sure what the world needs from us at this moment. But, I am open to the possibilities! Please contact me below for more information about starting a gathering in your area, or to brainstorm new ways to transform the world by connecting and empowering diverse women.

Interfaithfully yours,

Amanda Founder   edwards_2016-7530


DSCN4301fInterfaith Gathering is excited for 2016! The Iowa City gathering welcomes Celeste Davis as its lead organizer and facilitator following founder Amanda Edwards’ move to the Atlanta, GA area. Stay tuned for more information about Iowa City’s spring gatherings and potential expansion outside the Iowa City area.

The Times They Are A Changing

hmuqlDBfLife brings all sorts of surprises. Interfaith Gathering founder, Amanda Edwards, will be moving to Georgia in several weeks. This unexpected change provides opportunity to think about transition and how women deal with change, particularly from a spiritual standpoint. On Tuesday, October 20, 2015, Amanda will offer meditations on change from a variety of religious perspectives. Then, participants will have the opportunity to discuss and think about what Interfaith Gathering in Iowa City will look like for the immediate and long-term future. This is your chance to shape and guide the future for diverse women who want to transform the world. Join us 10-11:30 am on Tuesday, October 20, 2015. First Presbyterian Church hosts the gathering at 2701 Rochester Ave., Iowa City, IA (lower level room 14). Quality childcare provided.

Culture, Race and Faith

diverse-handsThis Tuesday, October 6, 2015, we welcome speaker Lori Wunder to Interfaith Gathering. Lori will be offering perspectives about how culture, race, and faith intersect. Lori and her husband, both Christian pastors, adopted a son from Ethiopia several years ago. This experience, coupled with living in an area in Iowa with a majority white population and her role as a religious leader, has shaped her significantly. Lori has much to share about encountering differences, building bridges and making peace in a diverse world. Join us from 10-11:30 am. First Presbyterian Church in Iowa City hosts the gathering in its lower level (room 14). Quality childcare provided.

A Place at the Table–Interfaith Gathering Kicks Off for Fall 2015

Picnic Table vZJsuq02Tomorrow, Tuesday, September 15, 10-11:30 am is the first Interfaith Gathering in Iowa City for Fall 2015. The gathering is now open to ALL women (not just moms, as in the past). The gathering continues to include women of all ages and faith backgrounds.

During the gathering we will consider and discuss the perspective of Muslim peace activist and women’s advocate Alas Murabit. How are religion, culture, and women’s rights intertwined? Are women’s and religious rights mutually exclusive? How can society be transformed by women’s participation?
We’ll begin by looking at the big questions and ideas through Murabit’s story, then, through discussion, relate it to our own lives as women representing a diversity of faith backgrounds and perspectives. This will be a great introduction to the fall line-up before our next gathering on Tuesday, October 6.
Join us Tuesday, September 15, 2015 from 10-11:30 am. First Presbyterian Church hosts the gathering in room 14 on the lower level at 2701 Rochester Ave, Iowa City. Quality childcare provided.