Amanda EdwardsAmanda Edwards: Founder and Lead Visionary

A former teacher and camp director, Amanda is passionate about building community and exploring how faith and belief shapes one’s experiences. She believes understanding diversity and building positive relationships with those who are different are the keys to transforming the world peacefully. Amanda loves joining people of many faiths and backgrounds together in inclusive ways. She has a knack for group facilitation and creative integration of themes. Formally of Iowa City, IA, she lives with her husband and three children in Decatur, GA, inside the Atlanta metropolitan area. She is a student in the Masters of Divinity and Masters of Practical Theology Dual Degree Program at Columbia Theological Seminary in Decatur, GA. She also studies in the Ministry of Writing program at Earlham School of Religion.


The Iowa City gathering currently is not meeting actively. However, Amanda feels the aims of Interfaith Gathering are still relevant. Please contact her for more information regarding starting a gathering in your area, or to brainstorm new ways to connect and empower diverse women to transform the world.

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