Iowa City

Past gatherings in Iowa City highlighted the following themes:

FALL 2015

Race, Culture, Faith

Meditations on Change and Faith

A Place at the Table: Discussion of Muslim Peace Activist and Women’s Advocate Alas Murabit’s Perspectives


Near and Far: Bridging Differences with those Closest to Us

Holocaust Remembrance Event

Unlikely Peace

Peacemaking Literature

Is Peace Possible?

Why do bad things happen?

FALL 2014

September 18 Peace Begins With Each One of Us: Questions and Dialogue about Making a Difference Encountering Difference. 

October 2  Mary Palmberg, long-time director (now retired) of the Free Lunch Program in Iowa City shares how she and others live out the program’s guiding principle, “An open door, a full plate, no questions asked,” especially when encountering differences. She also will highlight how the program enables a diversity of religious groups to serve others together.

October 16 Differences Hit Home: Judy Whitford

November 6 Discussion of TED Talk The Danger of a Single Story and its implications for faith, belief, and motherhood.

November 20 Words of Wisdom

December 4 Dialogue without Division


January 7 (not in session)

January 21: Faith Through the Generations with Nicole Wolf-Camplin (due to weather cancellation-moved to May 6)

February 4: The Spiritual Lives of Mothers: Prayer, Part 1 with Laura Weber

February 18: The Spiritual Lives of Mothers: Prayer, Part 2

March 4: The Spiritual Lives of Mothers: Spiritual Mapping Exercise with Catherine Quehl-Engel, Chaplain-Cornell College

March 18 (not in session)

April 1 Gender and Faith

April 15 Sacred Words

May 6 Faith Through the Generations with Nicole Wolf-Camplin

May 20 Mothers, Faith, and Community

FALL 2013

September 17 A Sense of Place Part 1

October 1 A Sense of Place Part 2

October 15 Reflect. Listen. Transform.

November 15 Mothers: Transforming. Transformed.

November 19 Transformation Unplanned

December 3 From the Inside Out

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