IMG_1821Interfaith Gathering was founded by Amanda Edwards as Interfaithful Moms Gathering in December of 2012. The first gathering was held in Iowa City, Iowa, U.S.A. in January of 2013. The gathering connected mothers of diverse faith backgrounds for meaningful learning and dialogue about issues at the intersection of motherhood and faith.

In her work with mothers, Amanda marveled at the depth of women’s spiritual lives and their abilities to learn from and build bridges with those who are different. It was clear that women of many faith and belief backgrounds desire meaningful connection with diverse women while exploring life’s deepest questions.

In 2015 Amanda established Interfaith Gathering as a way to broaden and diversify the Gathering’s reach, empower all women for the spiritual journey, and equip them to transform the world. Other women are stepping into leadership roles to ensure the gathering meets the needs and interests of diverse women.

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