Guiding Principles


  • We come together to learn from each other and understand our differences and the things which unite us.
  • It’s normal to feel strongly about matters of faith and spirituality.
  • It’s okay to agree. It’s okay to disagree.
  • We acknowledge that our labels and life stage help define us, but we understand that we are more than our labels and ages.
  • We acknowledge that we will learn things about many religions, faith traditions, and life practices, but understand that no participant can represent a religion, faith tradition, or life practice in its entirety.
  • We enjoy the freedom to speak, to listen, to think, and to question with respect.

We implement these principles by:

  • Sharing honestly
  • actively listening
  • taking turns
  • staying on topic
  • disagreeing in the spirit of understanding rather than judgment or anger
  • dialoguing in order to understand, not change or convert others


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