Interfaith Dialogue Important

file0001021704217Dear Interfaith Gathering Participants, Supporters, and All who are Curious,

It’s been awhile! Following my move from Iowa and the start of full-time graduate work near Atlanta, the work of Interfaith Gathering was in limbo. Following moves and life transitions of other founding members, the Iowa City gathering is not meeting actively at this time.

However, as I review this site and remember the important connections and transformations gathering participants experienced,  I am reminded just how important peaceful dialogue around diversity is, now more than ever.

I am not sure what this gathering will look like in the immediate future. I am not sure what the world needs from us at this moment. But, I am open to the possibilities! Please contact me below for more information about starting a gathering in your area, or to brainstorm new ways to transform the world by connecting and empowering diverse women.

Interfaithfully yours,

Amanda Founder   edwards_2016-7530


DSCN4301fInterfaith Gathering is excited for 2016! The Iowa City gathering welcomes Celeste Davis as its lead organizer and facilitator following founder Amanda Edwards’ move to the Atlanta, GA area. Stay tuned for more information about Iowa City’s spring gatherings and potential expansion outside the Iowa City area.